De-Stress, De-Clutter and De-Part!

Funny joke…. What do you call de-line in de middle of de- head. Answer. De-part!

There has been a HUGE amount of stuff going on as BIAPEI transitions and rebuilds the organization while preparing for OUR very FIRST INFORMATION EVENING for Survivors, Families and community.

De-Stressing has been an ONGOING challenge as I continue to write emails and notes to my self. With so much going on I swear to you that there are days when it feels like… – my brain is on vacation.

BUT WAIT!!! We have too much to do it is BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS MONTH in JUNE.

Chaos in the mind

We have to get the word out about our INFORMATION EVENING at JACK BLANCHARD HALL on June 5 at 7:00pm. Our Annual General Meeting is the same day from 6:30pm to 7:00pm. Support Group members. We want you there!!!!  Maybe Wendi can call them. I sent emails. I keep posting it here. We want people to come and learn about brain injury symptoms so I keep letting people know. It is stressful but it is also causing a lot of brain clutter. Oh and the MINI-BARN TICKETS. I am working on people to sell tickets in west PEI. Other members are working on ticket sales for East PEI.

Help! SOS…Circuit overload…

It is time TO DE-CLUTTER… Get rid of the cobwebs, give my head a shake. Let go of all that stuff that is taking up too much space in my head. It is time to de-clutter the ol’noggan.

You know how i know its time. I know because twice in the past week I have stood in an elevator waiting for it to go down and it doesn’t. I am standing there wondering why. WHY? WHY isn’t it moving? I WILL TELL YOU WHY…. because my brain took a lunch break. (Yuppers out to lunch) nobody is home… A temporary leave of absence!

Then my brain came back…. Push the elevator button dummy, you might get somewhere. This was a LOL MOMENT FOR ME.

The other part of this busyness is sometimes you just have to depart. You have to step back, take a rest, have a nap and YES take a DAY OFF. No emails or phone calls or messages about Brain Injury Stuff.

WHY?  Because there is no room in the inn. No vacancies…my brain is filled to its capacity.

Nap time. It is the only remedy. If I don’t listen to my brain, believe me when I say this.

I will pay the consequences. MY BRAIN WILL GET EVEN…my brain has a mind of its own. Sounds funny when I say it but it does. My BRAIN WILL NOT and I repeat…. WILL NOT cooperate with me. Because it is toast! it is mush. It has taken on an alter ego.

I am having different conversations with Dan.

Vicki. What are you doing tomorrow? I don’t know.

Vicki, I am going to put some pics in a box for safe storage. What pics? The canvas ones….which ones? I don’t know he says. I say I don’t know what you are talking about. Just WAIT DAN. Wait for what. So i can see.

Yuppers the old brain has put up a big sign. Do NOT ENTER. KEEP AWAY…DANGER ZONE!
BEWARE OF stuttering words and sentences that don’t make sense. Beware of falling tears. I mean crying and sobbing because l just cannot take in one more thought. MY BRAIN HAS LEFT THE BUILDING…it is on strike. It doesn’t want to talk to you anymore because it can’t. There is no more room!

De-Stress, De-Clutter and De-Part….sometimes survivors have to do what they have to do to maintain a balance of stability and peace and calm. Sometimes we just have to, so that the next day we are ready to face the world.

Did you push the button on the elevator Vicki?
Nope I said to Dan… He just shakes his head. It is part of life. Some days the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. Bahaha.

The only way I can survive is write and laugh at myself. It is those LOL moments with a bit of comedy that keeps me going.
P.S…..I did push the button and we got off on the right floor. ANOTHER MIRACLE.