Written to help those who have had a brain injury,  stroke or deal with anxiety and depression.   Many chronic illnesses and the subsequent medications can also alter your mood and ability to cope.  IF THIS HELPS even one person my heart will be happy.   Vicki


Hi there all…I write this from a place of reflection.   The last week has been tough for me.  One or two things happened that caused me concern.   Then a couple more things were added.   In isolation none of these events are reason for concern.   BUT when a few things are layered on top of one another my ability to sort it all out decreases expidentially.

This is true of all survivors.  I am certain of it.  Give us a task and we are fine with that.  Add a bump on the road of life,  some health concerns,  and the inability to handle too much at once leaves us on the precipice of a very slippery slope. Most times, after years of experience,  survivors learn to manage their stress and we learn to back away from the edge when we are standing too close.

Backing away can mean…

  • saying no to extra demands
  • taking the required rest and
  • talking to trusted friends who understand our condition.

It sounds easy doesn’t it but the truth is this. Sometimes we lose our footing because we think we can handle that “one extra thing” OR we “push ourselves” a little too far OR we forget to “say no”!!!!

All of these contributing factors can push the healthiest person down that slippery slope I spoke about earlier.

To go back to the beginning,  I am writing this from a place of reflection.   I was on the slippery slope and THE GOOD NEWS is that I am now able to recognize when I am getting to close to the edge.  THE GOOD NEWS is that I am able to put into practise what I have learned on this journey as a brain injury survivor.

  • I took the rest I needed
  • I took the necessary steps to alleviate my anxiety
  • I shared the load I was carrying with people who know me well

But there is another truth!!  I was afraid.  I was slipping and I was afraid that I was slipping too far down the slope.   BUT THE GOOD NEWS.

I made it back up because I did what I needed to do for me.

I took REST and more REST!!!

I have learned and am still learning to ACCEPT that I can only do what I can do!!!  (I wasn’t able to visit someone in the H.  I just couldn’t.

I have learned to accept that this is OK).

So my fellow brain injury survivors,  and all who deal with anxiety, cognitive impairment and symptoms of post-concussionknow that this is a journey of learning over and over again.  Christmas was just three weeks ago.   Allow yourself some time to recuperate.  Time, rest, reaching out to others will help.  💕 Vicki